In the warm starving a cracking is heard
Distorted and writhing - rejecting the birth
A hatred from nothing, disgusted, ashamed
Meaningless and banal, destructive and vain

The air torn full out by claws from the lungs
Collapsed and convulsing, innocence undone
Blootshot the eyes burning with tears
Swollen by anger, insecurity and fear

Chaos and violence concealed by this shell
Remaining unbroken, confining the Hell
A stake up the ribcage up through the mind
Feeding the fire, infecting the life

By bleeding or needing now
rendered so weak
Cursed with desire, scarred by deceit
Never surrender and never avail
Unfortunate Incarnate of the knight
once left pale

What do you feel in the twilight
fallen and unsaved
A meeting in the field tonight
a death without a grave
Born into a vacant age, a nativity of flame
Burnt at the stake or on the cross
my soul shall still remain
Torn out from the womb, born into a grave
Taken much too soon
Who the hell did you expect to save?

Can you feel my eyes in the pyre light
shining through the flame
Or from the womb can you feel my claws
caressing your remains
Can you taste the blood of angels' sons
and not recall my name
A realm undone, the chosen one
my dominion forms today
Torn out from the womb, born into a grave
An evil left to bloom
who the hell did you expect?

Cry my song out through the years
a one and only breed
I take my mother for what she is
the first one on which I'll feed
Lie down, lie down, my dear
you can come but never Leave-live

Can you feel my breath on the air tonight
So cold and laced with pain
With flesh of gold and pouring blood
and eyes far much too sane
Born into a perfect age,
my kingdom on their knees
So many beg to call my name,
to suffer and to bleed
Torn out from the womb, born into a grave
Taken much too soon
Who the hell did you expect to save?

Hold me while I shake
Warm me till I wake
Take these dreams torn in vain
Inside I still call your name
And wait for lost days

Nightmares without sleep
On your faith my cause did feed
My flesh crawls with scars and sores
My dying heart each beat deplored
I wait like before

I've been here too long to hide what you see
My pride's not too strong to tell you I bleed
I've been here too long to hide what I feel
My pride's not too strong to beg what you sell
While I shake

Burn me at the stake
I'm no angel but baby I'll stay
My thoughts crawl with demon spawn
Oh baby don't close the door
Before I wake

Across the seas, we came to, this land to
build our dream
To break away, in freedom's name,
to free ourselves from their reign
For love of man, for love of God,
we stood our ground against failing odds
Our leaders lined up by our sides
and said as one we will fight on
Fight with me - Die with me

A paradise, so worth the fight,
lush evergreens and rolling fields
Rivers pure as virgin dreams,
no more shall we be told what's right
The natives of this foreign land,
must learn to live the way we say
Warriors stand in tribes and clans,
to fight as one and the Chief would say
Fight with me - Die with me

Angels cry, flames fill the sky,
my God will I come out alive
Like kids we crawl and cry for mom,
missing limbs in misery
Between the bombs in comes a call,
word comes down from The Man
We're behind you son, we've almost won
we've watched it all on TV
Fight for me - Die for me

Beneath your ivory throne,
Take your wretched form
Only room for one, Distant fading sun
The hate that he would feel,
Pride would soon reveal
Bathed in holy sin, Wrinkled broken skin
   Laughing all along, chanting ancient songs
   Breaking weak and strong, smiling all along
Ruler of the 3rd, Banished by the word
Only room for one, Eyes shining with blood
Revealed in his own form,
Gold and green adorned
Gardens left to rape, So much more to take
   Laughing all along, chanting ancient songs
   Breaking weak and strong, smiling all along
All songs written by
Sin and J., Copyright 2010
All rights reserved.

The Palace is haunted,
corruption and bloodshed
La Maison La Laurie
The Corpses now rotten,
but never forgotten
The surgeon of New Orleans

In a trunk with no limbs
there's a woman she still lives
Flesh surgically pared from her skull
In a small cage crab-woman unsaved
With obscene grotesque settings of bone
There's a man on the wall
in his mouth holding all
Of the parts of his sex change gone wrong
Dead servants-slaves in a room for a grave
If you listen you can still hear them call
   Madame La Laurie
   brick window marks the grave
   The Surgeon of New Orleans
   bed-side in a metal cage
   Madame La Laurie
   she love to operate
   The Surgeon of New Orleans
The Legend of Royal Street, 1834,
Flames summon the fire brigade
smoking the French Quarter
In searching smoldering embers,
Behind one chained
door, Mutilated slaves writhing, in boxes,
on walls, on floors...
Still the ungodly screams,
issue from the palace
Servants to the Queen,
their blood fills her chalice
Seven suspended by the neck,
limbs stretched and torn
Pails with organs and heads,
slaves in specimen jars
    Operation, subrogation,
    emulation, degradation
    She don't seem right
    Amputation, suffocation,
    cast'ration, mutilation
    Carved by her knife
    Mob the Queen

I'm not sure when I fell, I fell hard
this I swear
Maybe I just tried to hard,
Why should I be torn apart?
The faces stalk my soul like death,
Bodies leave me short of breath
I'm drowning in torment,
Must return pain you sent
I'll save my words
I will bleed until, Until I don't hurt
Take some fear, take some pain, Insecure,
quite insane
Left alone, left in shame, Selfish hearts,
all the same
I wear this curse like a scar,
I become what they are
Blood pours down, Cracked mirror,
You kicked the dog Made a Killer
I'll save my words
You will bleed until, Until I don't hurt

Feel you touching me,
Consumed by my rage,
Consuming me
I'll save my words - We will bleed until
Until I don't hurt
Feel you touching me
Consumed by my rage
Consuming me


Now that it's over I can feel it all
The darkness, all the love, that fatal call
I lost the only one I'll ever need
I lost a wife, I lost my will to breathe
   And I bleed - I bleed
Each night without your voice I climb the walls
Remember how our hearts began to fall
Don't offer faith so I can eat your lie
There is no solace for a man who's died
   And I bleed - I bleed
I push the needle in my fingertip
I'd give up heaven just to touch those lips
I'd sell the only thing I have to give
to have this heart beside me while I live
   And I bleed - I bleed
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